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Pair your twitter account with voxxrin to get twitter integration!
You will then be able to see what your followers / friends think of the talks (favorited or not, attending talk, real time feelings and so on).
Note that once paired with your twitter account your ratings and favorites will also be public.
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Voxxrin is paired with your twitter account.
You can see what people in your network are thinking of the conference talks, and get your preferences (favorites, ...) on any device as soon as you login with twitter there too. Note that voxxrin is paired with your twitter account your ratings and favorites will also be public.

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your conference companion

Voxxrin is your best tool when attending a conference covered by Voxxrin: you can browse the conference schedule, get details on presentations and speakers, and prepare the conference by favoriting the talks you prefer and intend to attend.

Thanks to the twitter integration, you can choose to signin with twitter and:

  • Get you favorites available everywhere (web app, iOS and Android app)
  • See what your followers / following people think of a presentation

Plus when a presentation is going on, you can join the virtual room on Voxxrin, give feedback using simple feelings like:

  • applauseapplause when the content is good,
  • yawnyawn when you feel the time is too long or the speaker too slow,
  • wonderwonder when there is something you don't catch in what the speaker is saying.

You can also rate the presentation as it goes, answer to polls if the speaker is using voxxrin polls.

Plus this feedback is provided and broadcasted in real time, so that you can get a sense of what others in the same room are feeling. A good speaker can use that to react and adjust his talk. And this is also used to provide a hot factor in real time for all the presentations going on, so that you know where to go if you keep using the yawn button in the presentation you're currently following :)

Get more details at http://voxxr.in/

Voxxrin is still in Beta.




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Version 0.3.0.

Completely rewritten UI, Twitter integration, Favorites, see people attending a talk in real time, offline mode, plus tons of new features and bug fixes.